On Demand Emergency Response For Global Travelers
First Alert is an award-winning Mobile App that places 24hr Emergency Services in the palm of your hands, wherever in the world you travel.
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How It Works
With the simple tap of a button, subscribers are able reach our 24hr call centre - manned by trained EMD professionals who keep you connected with Medical Dispatch, Personal Security and Roadside Assistance using internationally approved protocols.
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The First Alert App
For 24hr Protection
Medical Emergency Dispatch
Get immediate response from our 24Hour Call Center manned by our trained EMD professionals. With a simple tap of a button, within the First Alert App, you will be able to reach us.

We will provide valuable evaluation and emergency medical response using approved protocols.
Security Services Dispatch
In today’s fast-moving environment, danger can take many forms and can happen at a moment’s notice. Our Emergency dispatch center personnel are armed with your real-time location as well as the ability to dispatch the closest security officer and relevant authorities when needed.
With a simple tap of a button, First Alert keeps you connected and protected.
Find Local Medical Services
The First Alert App is loaded with Google Maps APIs which allows you to find the nearest Healthy Facility (Hospital, Doctors, Pharmacies and Medical Centers) based on your current location. This feature is very useful in situations where you are unfamiliar with your current surroundings.
Precise directions by car and bus are provided to your desired destination.
Urgent SOS
When a loved one goes missing, the psychological impact on those left behind can be overwhelming. This distress caused by the disappearance is usually compounded by its legal, economic and social consequences.It is with this in mind that we created a feature within our app that seeks to address this traumatic phenomenon by putting the power of technology to work against this scourge within our societies at large.
Roadside Assistance Dispatch
Our on-demand, Roadside Assistance Dispatch service provides the fastest, safest and most innovative roadside assistance at the touch of a button. First Alert offers help to motorists in need of a tow, tire change, fuel delivery, jump start or vehicle lock-out assistance.
First Aid at Your Fingertips
The First Alert App comes fully loaded with comprehensive First Alert Aid tips for those instances where the incident is not considered an emergency.

Get detailed First aid tips when it matters most.
Reliable Ambulance Services
Our service is designed to provide Medical transportation services in those instances when an ambulance is necessary. Our dispatchers will assess the situation, and send an ambulance promptly if required.
While the emergency call is underway, we will get in touch with your loved ones, to alert them of the situation.We recognize the importance of ensuring that your family is kept up-to-date even while we are managing the situation as it unfolds.
On Demand
Our Board certified Medical doctors are available 24/7 to provide friendly and compassionate clinical care via LIVE video conference. No appointment necessary. We know that not all illnesses require hospitalization, and there may be occasions when on-demand, professional medical advice would be super useful.  That's where we come in.
LIVE Video
Call Handling
We recognize that video calls can provide valuable contextual information about emergency situations as they unfold. We are proud to introduce this first-of-its-kind technology, that empowers our team to overcome traditional challenges such as information ambiguity, location uncertainty and other communication issues.  You have the freedom to be on or off camera. It's totally your choice.
Affordably Priced Just For You
Our custom plans are designed for global coverage and comprehensive protection, whether you’re travelling
solo or with your loved ones.
Keep safe while you're
travelling away from home.
Full coverage for you and your travel partner.
Friends & Family
Keep up to 5 of your loved ones protected throughout the trip.
($8.99 per user)
Year-Round Safety
at your fingertips.
You're both safe and
sound all year round.
Family & Friends
Keep up to 5 of your loved ones protected all year long.
($8.99 per user)
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